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January 17, 2004

up early this morning. we went to the zen center again, and again i had that feeling when i was there like this is the right thing to be doing. this is a good and healing thing to be doing. kind of hard to explain but it's comforting when you get those flashes of knowing that what you're doing is the perfectly perfect thing.

then i went to the hq of kucinich for president (formerly matt gonzalez hq) and hung out there for a couple of hours, watching matt endorse kucinich and just collecting literature and wondering whether i wanted to throw myself back into the fray. ended up signing up to volunteer for no on prop j. i heard matt speak, and medea benjamin, and others.

also saw friends i haven't seen in awhile and paid back an old debt. i was worried that just seeing them would bring up stuff i didn't want to think about (kathy being david's best friend), but it really didnt. it was just fine.

feeling that my good karma points were sufficiently high i went home and have spent the rest of the day in bed. i justify this by saying i am still fighting a cold, but really i just wanted to spend the day in bed. yes, i have wasted this beautiful day sleeping and reading. i feel terribly terribly guilty. really. i'd better go back to bed now.