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Is this thing on?

May 01, 2003
1:46 pm

So this is my first online diary/journal/blog/whatever entry. Ever. I feel like I should write something very deep and meaningful to mark the occasion, but it would probably just come out all melodramatic and cheesy. So maybe I'll save the deep thoughts, spread the angst out a bit. Ease into this brave new world.

Today is grey and too-bright and without warmth. Lately it has felt like gravity is more intense...there's been this sense of sagging in me and in the things around me. I guess that's to be expected when coming out of a very bright and intensely alive place. Reality pales.

Tonight I am going to see Delicatessen at the Red Vic on Haight Street in San Francisco, where I live. I will be with good people, I will have a good dinner, I will smile appropriately and contribute to the conversation, and I will carefully hide the fact that all I really want to do today is start screaming and never stop.

Okay, so I got angsty anyway. Get used to it. It's going to be a bumpy ride.