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March 04, 2004

i am having for dinner vegetarian corn dogs. organic tater tots. chocolate soy milk. i love san francisco, love that you can take the bus home, walk across the street and into the market and buy what seems like a junk food dinner but it's really all organic and self-righteous. i may be eating kid food, but it is socially responsible kid food that is low in saturated fats!

today matt bought me "treasure island" and it makes me feel happy to say that, happy that it's true and happy that my friends are so wonderful and that i can say nice things that this one or that did. because people are generally cool, i was right when i said that, and i happen to think that my friends are the coolest. that is why they are my friends.

i started today angry and tense, ready to scream about the smallest thing. now i am soft and open, smiling and maybe it's silly but it's better this way. trust me.