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strangers in the night

March 06, 2004

worst sleep ever. woke up every couple of hours. 3am a group of kids on the street two levels down from my window which my head rests just next to while i sleep. yelling talking laughing drunk post-bar usual things. i was just conscious enough to hear the girl talking about how someone got arrested and she had his backpack, and so the guys should come over to her house now. and then "hey where did i meet you guys again?" "molotov's."

she had just met them in a bar and she was too drunk to remember that and she was bringing them to her house. i was conscious enough to get all that but not conscious enough to think to do anything about it. i'm not sure what i could have done, anyway. it was just so goddamn sad and dangerous and made me think i don't want to do those stupid self-destructive things ever again. after about twenty minutes they got into a cab and drove away. and i went back to sleep.

strange how our lives can intersect so closely but we're not supposed to care.