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a good day, unqualified

November 23, 2003

today was a good day.

i went to amoeba and bought 10 cd's and 8 of them were used. they had good stuff in the recent used arrivals section today. i went to a workshop at the free clinic where i do a lot of volunteer work. we are working with rainbow grocery (a wonderful store in sf, they also are collectively run) to implement an anti-oppression training, they came to present their approach. i saw dearest friends and the cute cute girl who always makes me smile. then stayed and talked and talked and ate free cheese board pizza from the fridge and fortune cookies instead of doing the errands i had planned to do. which was very nice and cozy.

i went to the parkside to see heather's friend matt the electrician play. i like him and despite my earlier indulgences i bought his new cd as well. there i saw more friends, mostly new friends but one i hadn't seen in a bit who said "is our friendship going to survive the *** fiasco?" of course, of course it is. and people bought me beers and jeff had shermans and i wasn't going to because of still being at the very end of recovering but i couldn't say no when he said "here, have one." and then staying and then driving home a bit tipsy and daniel saying "let's get a drink" and stopping at another bar for a couple more. decadent and wrong especially for a sunday night but sometimes wrong is fun in a bad way.

i know this is all probably boring to anyone who is not me but like i said. this was a good day. you have to hold onto those and remember them you know? not that many days come along really that are all good, start to finish, all full of happy and hello and can and strong and content and times where it is very easy to smile. and have you ever noticed? how beautiful people find you seems to be a direct function of how beautiful you find them. i'm not sure exactly what i mean by that, but i am certain it's true.

i should not have driven home, as i am still rather intoxicated. but here i am, safe and sound, about to topple into my soft soft lovely warm bed.