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she came back

July 06, 2004

i kept saying are you sure? are you sure? what about? what's going to?

she said something that bothered me a little at the time but not anymore. she said "don't ask too many questions. because i don't want to think too much about what i should do or what's the best thing for everyone, when all i want to do is this."

except that i think her words were prettier than that. for all my memory for words, somehow the emotional ones seem to end up in soft focus.

the weekend was for friends and breakfasts and coffees and the opera and walks and a movie and dinner in and her and herher. colored fog and loud noises and coming home sinking down under the covers pillows everywhere and just her eyes (deeper than a dream) glowing and her smile and mine and there together and singing and kissing always kissing and tasting her voice in my mouth and just laughing because of how right, how very right it was.