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March 27, 2004

today i bought a wool cap that is striped blue and brown. with a penguin embroidered on the front. and there are so many things in my mind right now...i just don't feel free to write about any of them.

but i think i'm doing well, overall. learning i don't have to limit, learning to navigate my own landscape a little more gracefully. working on drawing a line between processing fully and revealing too much.

learning to go with things as they happen. even if it scares me a little. it's all just part of the ride...

something in this really sappy and trivial (and annoyingly watchable) movie about how if you've loved truly once, you're more likely to find it again. that made me smile in the dark. because it makes sense, doesn't it? a door opened and i can't imagine ever being able to close it now, or even wanting to.