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November 17, 2003

my body feels terrible but my heart is happy and here is why:

last week amy-geene made me hot grapenuts with honey and did extra cleaning so i didn't have to, annie made me homemade chicken soup with ginger and heather delivered it, aaron brought frjtz and orangina and bought me juice even when i said no! no! no more juice! and he sat with me and watched a movie and also put up with my "hi. i'm sick and cranky and tired of staying in bed all the time" phone calls. and of course everyone over the weekend who helped and helped, carrying things for me and driving me places and sending me off to bed. cheering me. and today everyone said "we are proud of you. but you are dumb" in a nice way and they sent me home early and aaron carried my things upstairs and julia kept me company and david called and brought over mashed potatoes and soup and tried to take me to the hospital. oh and my brother called me because mom was worried. he is studying lungs in his medical school class right now, and he joked that hopefully i won't get an alveolar tumor, or some such thing. haha. ha. heh. umm...guh.

also. i know they mean well, the best. but if one more person says to me "drink lots of fluids!" i will tie them in a chair and cough all over them.