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wanting what i have

August 29, 2004

i do seem to get eaten up every few days by this or that, mostly this. timeandspace issues but she understands this is because of her leaving, she says no amount of time would ever feel like enough and she is right of course. she usually is, and she waits there patient and says "you're all worked up" and she waits for me to come back down and i always do and she knows it.

"i knew if i sat there long enough you'd come around" and so glad she did, and it made me realize how great it is when someone understands your rhythm and they know these little ways you act and they know how to predict what will happen next. and i want to do that for her too, i mean sometimes i try but lately she has been the strong one and that probably isn't fair...i should be more that and this and without so much leo pride you know.

and lying in bed last night faces softing towards each other barely awake i said "i am wrapped around your finger." and she said "i thought it was the other way around."

i think that's how it should be.