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July 27, 2004

goodness i'm happy.

my birthday and there were so many phone calls and messages and emails and everything. waking up with her and a ride to work and then lunch with coworkers and home early for a rest and dinner tonight and i got stripey socks and san francisco socks and toys and we ate a "celebration wedge" which is the biggest sweetest redwhitegreen slab of cake that you can imagine, it took all 13 of us to finish it. there were 12 of my most favorite people eating dinner with me, good friends and i am so filled up with love. and there was this big candelabra with five red candles and the loudest crashingest happy birthday singing i've had in awhile.

it was all so good i didn't even remember to make a wish. i didn't even need to make a wish.

earlier there was a present from her placed just there on my bed. sweet and perfect, eliot and wenders. she took care of my friends tonight and i said "i think i'll keep you."

i think i'll keep them all.
glow glow glow.