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fish dream

July 22, 2004

i spent the night in her bed and now i smell like someone else's shower. different soap and shampoo, i smell like her a little. it's nice and comforting and it was good to sit there having a slow morning, toast and tea and telling my dream.

i dreamed that i brought my fish (not mine really, i'm fish-sitting for a few weeks and it's a pretty blueblack betta fish called ohfer (a strange name but that is another story)) to her house for the night and she had this huge empty fishtank, about the size and shape of a large refrigerator. she said hey, just put the fish in there for tonight and i said okay. but somehow he multiplied and multiplied, i kept waking up in the night and looking over at the fishtank and there were hundreds and then thousands of fish! in the morning i woke up (still in the dream) and she had a computer program that you could run on the fishtank and it would analyze the fish's health and tell you how good of a fish owner you are. it chastised me for having way too many fish in one tank ("there are 2,700 fish in this tank, how would YOU like it if someone put 2,700 of YOU in a small enclosure..."), but otherwise my fish was healthy. i was like hey! it's not my fault...there was only one last night. and i couldn't figure out what to do with the other 2,699 fish...