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sparkly and here

June 21, 2004

she slept next to me on friday night, there next to me again and it felt a little new again. but just good to be able to say "let's go home" and say "good night" to her right there. and despite noise outside and inside and not really getting enough sleep at all, it was the best. in the morning i went to the market for breakfast things and stopped by the coffee shop. passed by a neighborhood friend on the way out and he commented on my having two cups of coffee that morning. i just smiled and thought how good it felt to be carrying two cups of coffee upstairs and a bag with eggs and milk and raisin bread and things.

i left my cell phone in a cab yesterday. and when i called the driver answered and i couldn't think of a thing to say other than "hi, this is amy and you're talking on my phone." then julia kindly drove me to the wellspring of all yellow cabs somewhere far far away. it was creepy, with rows of old mangled cabs, all these drivers scurrying around, rows of pre-branded blank yellow cabs too. we felt as if we were doing something very wrong. later i joked that i should have called a cab to take me there. but anyway i got my phone back so it was fine.

and last night with everyone here talking and laughing and so great despite my being a little stuck in some weird host thing at first. but the best people and the best and she. so sparkly and here, ducking around corners to tell each other things in lowered voices. heather said "i like that i know you well enough to notice when you're doing the eye communication thing with your girlfriend." ah happy.