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outside the road

May 14, 2004

today i hiked on sandy trails and swam in the ocean. i climbed on rocks and made friends with iguanas. i saw wild white faced monkeys and squirrel monkeys about 10 feet away, playing in a tree. i collected treasures: a seed pod that looks like an anemone, a pretty shell, a small bit of coral, a lacey leaf. i got a little too much sun but it feels good and toasty. i am damp and salty and pink and late afternoon sleepy and just starting to get hungry for dinner, which will likely be ceviche and beer on a patio somewhere, hopefully under a ceiling fan.

one funny thing i need to tell you is this: yesterday heather accidentally drove our rental car off the edge of the road (no shoulder). the wheel was smoking a bit and we were a little scared so we drove to a gas station and i needed to ask the guy to check our tire. my spanish is a bit rusty, so this is what i came up with:

"we drive outside the road. and then...much smoke from that wheel! it is okay?"

the world is good. wish you were here.