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costa rica 1

May 09, 2004

san jose, costa rica. first full day here.

minor setbacks today, a lost bank card (karen's) and a cut foot (mine). turned away from the children's hospital (all i wanted was a band-aid!) we found a farmacia and now all is well.

we saw central american modern art and met a real caballero. he had all these horses in parque la sabana, and he walked around with us telling us their names, letting us pet them. there was a two-month-old colt who was afraid, he would run stiffly and awkwardly away whenever we approached, but he was beautiful. later, the caballero actually roped him, although we said it's okay, let's not bother him. but his head was so soft and his eyes were liquid and deep.

i'm not usually one for light beer but the local specialties somehow taste just right on a muggy late afternoon, sitting on a plaza crowded with locals showing their colors. hearing some kid drum a rhythm you can feel somewhere below your stomach, while two others do capoeira and thinking ah, how she would love this...

up so early tomorrow and away to rafting and hiking and three days in the rainforest.