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last june?

April 19, 2004

i still think saving im logs is a good idea because it allows you to read your conversations from a year ago and that can be a very funny thing.

a: do you know how to smoke pot out of a coke can?
d: ahh..
d: Didn't you go to high school?!!!??
d: Jesus Christ...
a: Yes, yes I did.
a: We did not have stoners there.
d: I hear the moors are quite nice out there
a: They shoot stoners there.
a: Or at least throw sharp rocks at them until they drag themselves down highway 10 out of town, crying pitably.
a: pitiably
a: pitifully?
a: whatevah
d: You know othello was a moor, right
d: He was a badass
d: He fucking GRAVITY BONGED out of a coke can, that mutha!
d: He kinda had some eye problems too, though
d: seems to a theme with these tragic figures
a: Red eyes?
a: Weird on a moor, if you think about it.
d: uh.. no eyes?
d: that's even better than red eyes
d: or bright eyes
a: Dude, that's Oedipus.
a: Good try though.
d: oedipus, thats what I meant
a: But Oedipus wasn't a moor, he was greek.
a: Il Greco
d: go ahead. say it
a: Say what?
d: you went to college
a: barely
d: yeah but othello was a more
d: a mean a moor
d: but lets see.. he was betrayed by anthony, right?
a: heehee
a: And killed on the Ides of March, yes.
d: Hi. We're the Ides of March.
a: Because his family was feuding with his true love's family.
a: And he couldn't get married until his older sister did first.
a: It was a huge mess, really.


d: This song's called, "My fucking eyeballs exploded when I thought I was on an escalator underwater
d: It's a cover of an old blues song
d: It's by "blind underwater joe billy bob roscius"
d: It's really obscure.
a: Oh yeah, I saw him last week. Three times.