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April 07, 2004

so here i am, in an internet cafe on 30th st between madison and park, nyc. each night i plug my special little keyboard into my clie and i write about what happened that day.

details will surely follow. but i think we have walked everywhere, miles and milesandmiles.

but one thing i want to say is that i bought some furry red gloves before we went biking in central park, because the day was particularly cold especially for being on a bicycle, and last night a street vendor made fun of me for wearing them..."it's not THAT cold!" and he was right i suppose, but i love those gloves so much. they make me feel muppetlike.

and i love it here and i miss home and i want to know what is happening with everyone. what is happening with everyone, with the world? is everything okay, nothing is breaking or ending, nothing needs to be saved?

i miss. i love. i wonder why being gone this time feels so disconnected.

but mostly this city is amazing and all day i feel like smiling at everything. and now i have more walking to do...

today i think i will go to the empire state building, ride the elevator up to the top, and try to keep myself from shouting "i am the king of the world!"