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March 10, 2004

it was good to push and push stacks of weights up and down and back and forth and pedal and pedal on the bike while plugging earphones into a really worthless television show that i would never just sit and watch at home. then melt my brain in the steamroom and shower it all off and walk out into a mild night. ride the bus and then walk to aaron's. talk and talk and a little dinner at his kitchen table and kitty cat love and catching up a bit, then down the hill to home, up the stairs into my room which is holding in all the heat from today. it's warm and dark and my eyes are heavy and my belly is milk full and oh i will sleep like a tree!

and all is well, all is okay. things are fluid indeed, warm and full of motion and i am suspended inside it all. being pushed a little this way and that in a way i can just relax and enjoy.