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your friend, me

March 07, 2004

finally to the record store! new music and music and music. a boy with curly brown hair and the palest blue eyes told me the total and "oh my" i said. "well at least you didn't just spend it all on heroin" he said. indeed.

but now with cd's spread over my bed, listening to each in turn, little shivery explosions in my stomach. little heartskips. i want to listen to them all at once and hear each breath and note and hold it all inside me forever.

i am happy now, self contained and in love with the world again.

"and you talk when you're drunk
like you're writing it up for an article
and you think that i lie
when i tell you goodbye then i've got to go
'cause i've got to go

but i guess it's a success
we're at our best when you're upset
i'll be your friend
but you just haven't made me yet"