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March 01, 2004

today in the mail i got a card with a photo inside. in a little red envelope. from north dakota. why don't more people send real letters, pen on paper, through the mail? i would like to receive more letters, with or without red envelopes. the idea that my sister took pen and card from some little drawer in their house, wrote out this nice little message, stuck in the photo. sealed it up and wrote my name and address on the front. a stamp with a picture of a snake on it. and then dropped it into a metal box and now a few days later it's torn open on my desk. the photo of the two of them wearing all black on a pure white background, all blonde blue pale smiling up forever. and how many hands did this card pass through on its way to me? and even though she wrote the address wrong, here it is.

it just makes me feel so happy.

the snake is a scarlet kingsnake and it is very pretty.