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virtuous persuasion

February 25, 2004

a scene from my life.
by amy.

so it's about 8.30a, i have just finished my personal fitness consultation at my new gym. this is the first time i have ever. ever. touched a weight machine of any sort. veni, vidi, vici. i'm showered, dressed, ready to take on the day! or at least ready to take on breakfast. i'm standing in the lobby of the embarcadero ymca looking out at one of the most apocalyptic rainstorms i've seen.

my thought process goes like this: it is about 1/2 mile to my office. i could take the bus, but i would still have to walk a couple of blocks. walking two blocks and walking 9 blocks probably isn't that much different, in this weather. i'll just walk it. the gutters were whitewater rapids. i could have rafted to work, if i'd been going the opposite direction. at first i would walk as much as 1/2 block up the street in order to get to a place where the river was narrow enough to jump. eventually my shoes and socks and legs were so soaked that i just walked through. cold water above my ankles.

so now i'm sitting here an hour later, still soaking wet. i mean, when i got here i was dripping, squishing, not a dry patch on me anywhere. my coworker took pity and gave me her space heater to put under my desk. i think it's illegal so shhhhh.


in other news, we have formed a semiregular movie night group. so far we have seen, in this order:

gangs of new york
pirates of the caribbean
fong sai yuk

last night matt made dinner and served it out of: a beaker, a dog dish, a pizza pan, and a huge rectangular tupperware container. and it was somehow perfectly right.

ps. fong sai yuk is rad, you should watch it. my kung fu is powerful! i like to sing in the morning! it is great! love yourself and be proud! i will destroy this house!