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and there i hovered

February 21, 2004

ken beamed a hearts game to my clie and i am instantly addicted. i ride the bus playing hearts. i walk to or from the bus playing hearts, really, just walking down the sidewalk holding my little palmtop computer, poking at the screen with my finger because i lost the stylus. i played hearts yesterday when i should have been working. i fell asleep last night playing hearts in bed.

more hearts this morning, then a deep nap. in my dream i was wandering around my apartment but i knew that i was in a dream. i mean i knew that the real me was in my room sleeping, this was just the dream me. and it was so great because i knew i could do anything i wanted. none of the normal rules of physics or factuality applied.

so i was in the living room talking to andrea and i said "i'm dreaming right now. look, i can sink into the floor." and i tipped to the side, slowly, defying gravity, body in a straight line angling down towards the ground but instead of sinking in i just hovered there, a few inches above the floor, perfectly horizontal.

when i realized i wasn't going to sink i decided to fly. i haven't flown in a dream since i was such a little little kid. i reached my arms in front of me and flew around a corner, suddenly i was in another house, a house i know well.

flew through a couple of rooms and then ended up back in my apartment (in my dream it was all my apartment though) in the room next to my bedroom, which is in reality the bathroom, but in the dream it was an aquarium. like the monterey bay aquarium, one whole wall was glass, and behind it a massive tank, you couldn't even see the whole thing. julia was there, looking into the tank. and there were so many fish and things suspended in there, and a big shark swam right up to the glass, two feet from my face. but it had a person's mouth, i mean people shaped lips and teeth and tongue. and i looked right in its eyes and said "hi, i am dreaming." and it talked to me then, for awhile, but i couldn't hear because of the water and glass. i told it i was sorry and it swam off.

there was more but it slipped away, i can't think of it anymore. but towards the end of the dream i remember i was writing a song, in the dream, about the dream. it was about david, but also about what had happened in the dream. it was very mountain goats-esque somewhat angry strummy and the chorus went:

"and there i HOVERED"
strum strum strum strum strum strum
"and there i HOVERED"

i think i rhymed it with "cupboard" too.

heather says i should write the song for real.