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life gives you lemons

January 28, 2004

i zested so many meyer lemons and squeezed the juice out. they came via a work friend who grew them clean and pure on a tree in his yard. could there be anything more wonderful than fresh lemon bars, still warm? one pan for home, one for work. deliciousness to share.

i am going to costa rica for two weeks in may. we will take all of our things in backpacks, we will hike in cloud forests and stay in hostels and maybe i will sleep on the beach one night. nyc and costa rica both this spring. oh my! both with the best of company and both so different and exciting and frantic and alive. i will do these things because when someone says "do you want to go to new york?" or "do you want to go to costa rica?" there is really only one correct answer.

great shows coming in february, three or maybe even four or five. one of my favorite bands is coming back. ah! i still remember the feeling after the last time, laughing and laughing and the glow that wouldn't end. it was that kind of show you know, like falling in love, heartpounding and smilesure.

and these things are mine. they are to me from me for me and nobody can take them or diminish them. and that is just so bright and lovely. there will be more dark and alone, i have seen enough to know that i am not through it yet. but today is warm and just right in a perfectly perfect place. with the best people right here where i can smile at them. i can breathe and the taste of lemon is still on my tongue.

what i'm thinkin' is so delicate
if i breathe, you know i'm gonna lose it
it's just a drop in the biggest ocean i know i've ever seen
and in a moment it's big enough to drown the whole world