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December 22, 2003

an im conversation with my coworker. i'll call him "ken" here because that's his name. our boss had just told him to "bang on the plone for awhile"...basically try to break this software so we could figure out what needed to be fixed.

oh also, "sheldon" is a system administrator at our company. we're convinced he's logging everyone's im conversations for his own enjoyment.

me: "bang on the plone"
ken: Yah
ken: His choice of words is sometimes embarassing.
me: that's rad
me: "so i was bangin' on the plone the other day..."
me: HA
ken: umm
ken: that sounds noxious
ken: somehow
ken: wrong
me: no just dirty
me: i had a sex dream about heather
ken: was it noxious?
me: uh, no
me: not even a little
ken: you had a sex dream about heather and it wasn't "harmful to the mind or morals; corrupting"?
me: no
ken: was it hot?
me: yup
me: very
me: (hi again sheldon)
me: (whasup)
ken: so... you gonna give sheldon the gory details, or not?
me: probably not
me: she was the aggressor
ken: (that's advisable, by the way)
ken: heh
me: yay
me: it was great
ken: I don't think I've had sex dreams about anyone here yet
ken: but I'll keep you posted
me: but i forgot about it until the next day when she was sitting in my bedroom checking her email
me: then all of a sudden i remembers
me: er
me: remembered
ken: and you were all like 'ME-OW!"
me: i know!
me: i was all "guh. i need to go make some toast."
me: serious
ken: toast? That's what they're calling it these days...
me: yep.
ken: I'll keep that in mind
me: so i made some sweet sweet toast
me: then i banged on the plone some more
ken: "Amy, why are you making toast in the bathroom?"