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albatross soup

December 16, 2003

i am such a cliche. i drank too much at my company holiday party and babbled embarrassing things to my coworkers. one? his boy-part piercing is hot. another? i called him a good looking guy. i suppose all flattering things, nothing mean or negative, but i am foolish and too open mouthed. as ever.

they liked it though and the one i called good looking hugged me and said it was the nicest thing all night. i think people should say nice things more often. and i was torn when we played the game i made up. it was called "if you could bring one person from this party home." i was torn, one boy, one girl. truth, i would have brought about ten people home tonight, in a big luscious pile on my bed.

and david? fuck david. fuck fuck fuck david. there is so much more to life than david and i do not need him and i will fall in love with someone else, someone who loves me too and wants to be with me and will sleep next to me at night and not next to somebody else. and someone who will wrap around me when i wake up crying in the nighttime and whisper "shhh, i love you. shhh, everything is okay."

it might take a little while. but it will happen.

meanwhile. i have a crush and oh it is a good one. and innocent and impossible and utterly compelling. yay.