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December 14, 2003

a phone call from him this afternoon saying "want to get some food?" but we were on opposite sides of the bay so that didn't work. mixture of disappointed and relieved.

talked for a bit about his finals and what's been going on with him. and about a problem he's dealing with and apparently i am the "lone voice of reason" in his "narrow world."

i keep telling myself i should lose respect for someone who has a girlfriend and still says things like that to someone else. i should. i'm not sure why i don't. but regardless of respect, at night he sleeps next to someone else. it all really comes down to that.

awhile ago i read this: "if someone is good for you in some ways but bad for you in others, that person is just bad for you. period." i can begin to see that given the situation he is stuck in and my feelings that never change he is probably bad for me.