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December 11, 2003

1. yesterday someone told me i shouldn't be involved in politics because i "get mad when truth and beauty don't win." ummm...yeah. i also breathe air and drink water. truth and beauty should win, damnit. what else is there to hope for?

2. that girl that i invited to thanksgiving? she never got the invitation because i sent it to her old email address. haha. so now i do not need to feel foolish and do not get to feel brave. and i have still technically never asked anyone out.

3. david ran into ml in a grocery store yesterday. why does that disturb me so? the thought of them standing near the potatoes maybe, or perhaps in the soup aisle, chatting. about...what? they hate each other. what bothers me the most is that he said she was different, nicer.

4. i am like a crackhead but with music instead.