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blood and butterflies

October 28, 2003

i should go running and there are lots of other shoulds as well. but it is just so hot and i am so tired and a bit slowed down from last night still. i did get some work done on my nano characters and so i'm a little less panicked about that. a little.

my...well...cycle. is in synch with heather and annie. and i just find that delightful! it seemed to make them both more grumpy than anything. but whatever, don't you think that's cool? i mean how does it happen? are our hormones that powerful that they can radiate out and talk to another person's hormones, mingle and plot and ultimately decide on a play date? heehee.

i have crushes all over the place. they burst and fly all around like popcorn does if the lid comes off when the machine is still going. heart-practice, h says. i love that. but what i wonder is how do you keep a crush small just by knowing that you have to? and. if something. someone. is can there be butterflies? because there are. as much as i don't want there to be and don't want to admit it. there are.