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"you promised me poems"

October 05, 2003

sleep-run-eat-sleep. saw lost in translation and i feel bruised now.

won't give anything away. but here's my almost favorite part. the main character is talking on the phone from his hotel in japan to his wife in the states. she is talking about selecting carpet colors for his study. the kids. ballet recitals. he is trying to tell her he feels lost. confused. knows he needs for something to change but...isn't quite sure what. she says "bob, do i need to worry about you?" he says "only if you want to." the audience chuckled at that but not me. i just caught my breath and thought oh how perfect.

worry about me, love me, do for me, stay with me. but only if you want to. sometimes i am afraid. because it's so hard to find that. someone who wants to i mean. and even if they want to and you want to. you don't ever know how long it will last.

tonight i saw a man riding a unicycle down fell street. riding a unicycle with a dog on a leash too, one of those wolfish looking things. in the dark and i thought i love this city. and i didn't know who to tell.