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fictive kin

August 22, 2003
12:22 am

tonight she is lying next to someone else. it might be okay if i don't think overmuch. if i don't think about the waking up. i always thought that was so much more intimate. anyway i'm too tired for one of my patented outbursts.

today i carried a sleeping bag onto muni and i gave it its own seat when the bus wasn't crowded. i thought it would be funny to start talking to it like it was a friend or something, just pretend to have a conversation. but then i couldn't think of what to say. i guess it wouldn't be that strange in the context of muni, anyway.

i will soothe me with music this weekend. two shows with aaron at one and david at both and it's been too too too long. too needed all around, so welcome and lalala.