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July 27, 2003
11:43 am

you never know when things will change. you never know when life will suddenly be what you need instead of what you thought you wanted.

it's falling into place, all of it. or most of it anyway, and the rest i think is manageable. i am happy and i have that really wonderful calm-and-excited feeling. she feels like home and she gives me flutters.

woke up so so early after so terribly little sleep and i went and i ran the chronicle 5K. and now i feel very powerful, like...before i was a person who was just starting to get into running. now i'm a Runner. big R and all. i was slow and it was psychologically harder than i expected which kind of sucked, really, but when i was done oh! oh oh oh. go us! and: we rule! and heather and talking and walking home and coffee and lovely happy birthday calls.

because it's my birthday, too. and she called at 6:30a to make sure she reached me and that makes me all melty. and family calls and yay!

and things getting better with that friend. which is so good and i think i am learning to meet people in the middle. maybe it doesn't have to always be the way i think it should be, and maybe that's just fine. and maybe everything is perfectly imperfect and just really fine.