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Breaking the Unbreakable

June 08, 2003
1:57 am

Why now, why after all the waiting and hoping and tearing and screaming are you suddenly every place I look?

I want you to go away. I think I even mean that now, mostly. I want you to go away and leave me alone because although it's sadder and lonelier and just kind of pale that way, at least there's quiet. At least I can breathe, and at least it's getting a little bit better. Now I know the cost and I know what I've gotten in return and sadly it's not worth it. So you know, maybe just don't call me. And maybe next time you see me on the road it would be better if you just kept driving. And maybe soon I'll find enough courage to put this somewhere you can see it.

So take your chains and your flowers
and your oceans
  I can't touch them
  without getting lost
  and I have to keep one eye on the way home

I wrote those lines for you, and god so many others. It was all for you, always, everything was for you. What a fucking waste.