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In the Details

May 31, 2003
3:38 am

Today was irrefutable evidence that the boy-girl dynamic need not screw up a friendship. He said it does, and again he is entirely wrong. When he returns from the Valley of Death I shall inform him. What an amazing gift, this insanity inside which I strive to keep us sane(r), to borrow those excellent words.

Today was having beautiful beautiful words of affirmation and love murmured into my ear in a crowded bar for what felt like hours on end. Streams of poetry focusing on me then splintering into a million glittering shards of nothing and everything. Spoken by my guardian angel who may not believe that he is that.

Today was drinking smoking yelling laughing dancing roaming cabbing, making a new friend, being discussed favorably. Hello, high school, and I mean that in the best possible way. Hello, life, and I mean that this is my everything. This is my why.

Today was young and free and alive and maybe a little confusing and uncertain and fumbling, but overall just...